[I could’ve sworn that I published this before I went to sleep.  Sorry bout that y’all.  lol]

Since I spent most of Motivation Monday and Tuesday very depressed over the loss of my furbaby, Belldandy, I decided to make today Wake Up Wednesday.  We all have those days when it’s just too unbearable to force ourselves to get up and face the world.  And if you don’t have to for any reason like a job or children to take care of, it’s perfectly okay.  The key is to  not let more than one day pass that we spend like this.  The point to taking that one day off is to focus on rebuilding ourselves and not just wallow.  I broke this rule by taking an extra day.  And sometimes, it’s needed.  So, if you’ve taken your one day and still feel like you need a little more time, it’s alright.  And don’t beat yourself up or think yourself weak because of it.  You’re only weak if you give up completely, not if you just need a little bit more time.

The most important part of this time of mourning and/or depression is how you spend it.  What kinds of things are you reading?  Watching?  Listening to?  People tend to listen to and watch things that match with our current mood.  Depressed?  Throw on any song that has the general message of “woe is me”.  Angry?  Take your pick, there’s plenty of angry music out there.  But does this actually really help anyone?
Well, sometimes, yes.  When I’m angry enough to want to break something, I like to turn on some angry music and clean my house.  And man, does it get clean!  Of course, by the time I’m done I’m not angry anymore so I switch to happy music.  Or when I’m sad as all can be, I like to draw or write to get my feelings out.  That’s when you’ll find me listening to the sappiest, saddest music I can think of with my head buried in a sketchbook or a notebook.  Tears streaming down my face and onto the paper and basically looking like my entire world just crashed around me.  It’s quite a pathetic sight but I get some amazing work done, if I do so so myself. ^_^
Unfortunately, I’ve been feeling too suffocated to do these things because someone looks at these coping methods as childish and would give me a hard time about it, telling me I’m acting like a child and blah, blah, blah.  Well, long story short, that was NOT working for me, so I decided to change it.

Of course, this didn’t come about all on its own.  It took many a bitch fest over the telephone with three of my best friends.  Since, I don’t have any friends out here (also due to submitting to the same control freak bullshit), phone calls and facebook have become very important to me.  They reminded me to think positive and that mistakes and failures are simply learning lessons and not to let other people steal my joy.  All things I tell my Wonderlings here in this blog.  Hell, it’s the same thing I be telling them too/  So this was one of those times it felt real nice having my own words thrown back at me.

So, please, if you’re feeling down and depression has got an iron grip on you, do NOT retreat into yourself no matter how much easier it seems.  Trust me, it isn’t.  It’s much harder being left alone with that pain than it is to admit that it’s there and asking for help.  Reach out and let your loved ones cheer you up.  It doesn’t mean you’re weak.  It takes more strength to admit you can’t do something alone than it does to just stay to yourself and let it consume you.