As a woman without children, I have absolutely had it with the “Women are stronger than men because we give birth” nonsense.
How do you think that makes barren women feel?  Or women who choose not to have children?  Or how about those women who can get pregnant but can’t carry a child to full term?  Or those women who can have children but are known as “high risk” pregnancies?
Are these women ?  Or just less strong than those that have given birth without complications?  And how about women who could have children with no problems but choose to have an abortion instead?  Are they weak?  Some might make the argument that they are because they’ve chickened out, but that’s beside the point.

The point is, is that giving birth is something our bodies are made for.  We have everything naturally inside of us needed to handle conceiving, sustaining and birthing new life into the world.  So, really, that’s not strength, that’s nature.  The true strength comes afterwards.  When she actually nurtures, teaches, and provides for that child for the next 20 freakin’ years or more with no time off, no sick days, no vacation time and no pay.  That takes strength.

And what about women without children?  Who either can’t have them or choose not to have them?  By saying that childbirth is where a woman’s strength and worth comes from, we’re sending these women the message that they’re weak and worthless.  And as a childless woman who has had nothing but complications and problems when trying to have a baby, I have a big, juicy fuck you to say to everyone running around perpetuating that nonsense.

All women, have to put up with the same crap this “man’s world” has to throw at us.  We have to avoid crying in public lest we be labeled as “emotional” and therefore, unqualified for a promotion, or a “drama queen” that no one wants to date.  We all have to deal with the fact that we’re automatically assumed to be menstruating if we show that we’re upset about anything.  And when that happens, it once again effects both our personal and professional relationships.

Basically, in our society, women all have to walk a very fine line because we’re expected to have a smile on our faces at all times but when we do, we’re looked at as being flighty or dumb.  But if we do the exact opposite, we’re looked at as being a bitch.
If we wear make up every single day, we’re looked at as shallow, or full of ourselves.  If we never wear makeup, we’re looked at as not caring about out appearance.  If we like frilly things, we’re mocked for it.  If we hate them, we’re accused of having dick envy and called unfeminine.  If we pine for children of our own, we’re mocked for it.  If we don’t want children at all, we’re called uncaring and cold.

Seriously?  This constant tightrope walk we do every single day takes strength and would drive anyone absolutely crazy.  But at the same time, we’re told, we’re crazy because of hormones.  Well, let me tell you, I am all about equality.  And I believe that men and women are equal but generally have different strengths and weakness but they all equal out.  And that when it comes down to the individual, we’re all completely different and to be judged just based on genitalia is the most asinine, backward thinking, I can imagine.  That sort of thinking has no place in our society today and is the number one thing that keeps us from making as much social progression as we should have by now.

Bottom line: people are strong, period.  Even those individuals that seem all around weak, have strength inside they haven’t tapped yet.  None of it has anything to do with our genitals or ability to reproduce.  And women going around saying, “I’m strong because I gave birth” is the same as men going around saying, “I’m strong cuz my dick is huge and has accomplished many great feats in the arena of love- and baby-making.”
Yeah and so have many, many cats.  If we’re supposed to be highly evolved and sentient, then it’s high time we start acting like it.