I don’t know how many of you believe in reincarnation, but I’m thoroughly convinced my cat, Doom Kitty is a best friend of mine from a past life reincarnated as a cat.

She just loves me so freakin’ hard!  I’ve tried to make her not love me when I kicked her out of the house for peeing everywhere else but the litterbox.  But she got under the house and just meowed her freakin head off for DAYS.  And she tried to break into the house through the hole in the bathroom.  I couldn’t just leave her out there.  I thought she’d do what cats do and leave and find some food and you know… be a cat!
But nope, she is hopelessly devoted to me.  I brought her back in and she just immediately ran straight to me.  She loved on me and ignored the food I was setting down for her just to keep rubbing her face all over my hands.

She lets me rub her belly as much as I want.  She comes to me when I call her.  She’s happiest in my lap.  Even when I’m ignoring her while I work, she’s just perfectly content to lay there and pur her head off keeping my lap warm.  She’s even nice to the dogs because she knows I love them, even though they drive her absolutely crazy.

Basically, my cat is the exact opposite of everything you expect from cats and I love her for it.  =^_^=