If you love god, don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t love him and yourself at the same time.  Don’t let anyone tell you that he doesn’t want you to care about yourself.  And don’t let your love of god override your human instincts of survival and self-respect.

I was raised with the backward belief that god was against happiness.  That my body belonged to him and therefore I had no right to protect it because that was like saying that he wasn’t doing a good enough job and that is blasphemy.
We were also never to harm another creature no matter what.  And that includes defending our own lives.  That if someone was trying to kill you, then it must be your time to go.  Or if someone strikes you, don’t fight back.  Instead let god avenge you.
And when it came to material possessions, we aren’t supposed to cherish them or love them.  Like if someone gives you a gift, don’t get excited or happy about it because you’re not supposed to get that excited about anything else but god.

Now, do you see how really messed up that is?  I mean, really.  That’s the exact opposite of what love really is.  If you love someone, you wouldn’t want them to let themselves get hurt and you want them to do right by themselves.  So, if god’s love is perfect and we’re supposed to be created in his image, then why would he want anything less than that for us?
If you really love god, then love yourself, because anything less is isn’t love at all.

I made the mistake of believing the ass backwards crap listed above and ended up hurting the most wonderful, most important person in my life and many others, including myself.  And it was all because I have loved god so much since before I was even born, that when I was told, this was how to honor him, I stuck to these teachings steadfastly.  Big mistake.

Don’t make the same mistake I did.