I just read a list on Cosmopolitan.com that left me scratching my head.  It was a list of Girly Habits Guys Don’t Get.  Most of the habits on the list made no sense to me and I’ve never met anyone outside of my grandmothers and great aunts who do some of these things.  I also found some of them to be quite stereotypical and makes me look at my past relationships with women and wonder if I’ve simply been lucky enough to meet the minority of the female population wherever I go.
I won’t give the entire list here.  Just the ones I don’t get.  For the full list, jst click on the lick above.

I have yet to meet a woman that wasn’t one of my much older relatives that had a pension for buying vases.  Clothes and collectibles maybe, but not vases.

The choice to carry a clutch doesn’t puzzle me because there are days when I really don’t have that much to carry with me and my outfit might not have pockets.  What I don’t understand is, who exactly are these people that opt for the much smaller bag but also chooses to bring more than the bag would carry?

Decorative Pillows
All, I can say is “Why?”  Who is out there spending all that money on fabric they just to look at it?  And in this economy?  I mean really.  Who?  And why?  I’ve seen the prices on a lot of these “decorative pillows” and they’re all ridiculous.  It’s cheaper to make them.  That way, you have a legitimate reason for telling people, they’re not allowed to use them because you can tell them you didn’t spend all those hours making it just for them to get their butt stink on them or something.

Wedge Heels
It’s not the shoe that puzzles me.  It’s guy’s problem with it.  I mean really.  “No cheating”?  Get over it guys.  It gives the same effect as stillettos but with less risk of injury.  I say whoever these guys are need to shut up and get over it because they are NOT worth a broken ankle.

Thank You Notes to Close Friends
Alright, really?  I can understand co-workers or neighbors or any other kind of acquaintances but your close friends?  Really?  Come on!  If they’re really that close, why do you feel the need to write a thank you note?  And if they’re not really that close, then don’t front like you’re BFF’s.

Flannel Pajamas
Another habit I don’t see anything wrong with but don’t understand the problem guys have with it.  I’m seeing a theme here that’s telling me that guys enjoy the torture women go through in order to look nice.  I mean really.  “Let us keep you warm”?  I don’t know about every single guy on the planet, but I’m pretty damn sure not all of them are walking furnaces.  So that makes too things these guys are saying they’d rather see and that’s for us to freeze to death and break our ankles. (not looking good for Cosmo either.  Where do they find these jerks?)

Boxes of Cards
The only women I’ve known only save cards from people their close to.  I wouldn’t say that’s a “girl habit” so much as a “hoarding problem”.

One for cereal, one for salad, one for soup, one for the cat so she can eat at the table with you like a little human…… Come on…. That’s beyond type A, it’s down right weird.  Although I do have a habit of NEVER eating pasta of any kind in a plastic bowl.  It always stains and there’s nothing you can do about it. (grrr)

Carrying Flats Around
First of all, that’s what wedge heels are for in the first place.  Secondly, how can these jerks complain when a woman wears the shoes he wanted her to wear in the first place but takes the time to carry a back-up pair for her own comfort?  These guys seriously sound like a bunch of unfeeling, inconsiderate jerks who completely objectify women.

And back to the crazy chicks.  I mean really.  What’s up with this?  If I don’t like someone, I don’t call them my friend.  If I’m forced to be around them and be polite and civil and whatnot, then I call them what they are: my neighbor, my co-worker, my sister-in-law, whatever.  But NEVER friend.  But I’ve only met one woman in my life who acts like this and I can’t stand her and she knows it but she won’t stop.
I think it’s rather sad, really.  Who ARE these women?  I’ve only met one in my WHOLE life!  What does that tell you?  Hmmm…  Could it be that it’s not so much a “girl” habit and more of an “insecure, attention seeking, daddy didn’t love me enough” habit?

24/7 Makeup
Again, who does this?  I don’t know.  But I’m curious to find out because that would be the chick to get makeup tips from because she either has ALL the time in the world to put on full makeup all the time or she’s so efficient that it takes no time at all.  If it’s the latter, that’s my girl. Hahaha!

But yes, those are some of the habits on the list I don’t understand.  I’m curious to find out who in the world the people at Cosmopolitan are talking to because from what I’ve seen, they speak to a much smaller demographic than they think they do.