Alright, so as you know, my neighbor’s house burned down the second night and that means I was extra busy trying my best to help him in any way I could. On top of everything else I try to get done every day, that extra bit took my blogging time away.
A few times I fell asleep at my laptop with my blog open and nothing typed but whatever keys my kitten managed to step on.
But, never fear for I have learned some wonderful things that I’ve begun applying that have been helping me get better sleep and I’m here to share them with you.

Stay away from caffeine as much as humanly possible.

I have been so busy that I haven’t even had time to brew a pot of coffee.  I started noticing that I’ve been falling asleep faster.  I attribute that to the lack of caffeine in my system this past week.

Wear a sleep mask.

I’ve had one for awhile but hardly ever used it.  In fact, I thought I had lost it during the last move but found it in the wash this week.  Living with two other people, all of which live on different schedules, can make it difficult to sleep, so this really came in handy.  When I was ready for bed, it not only blocked out all the light from the under the doorway of my best friend’s video game, it also helped me to keep my eyes closed long enough to allow the fatigue to settle in and ease me to sleep.  The added benefit was that I was also too tired to keep taking it off and putting it back on in order to periodically check my e-mails or fiddle around on Facebook.

Exercise regularly.

As busy as I am, I still find myself with a lot of down time due to not having a solid schedule (not working a 9-5 job is responsible for this lack of a skeleton to build my daily schedule around.  more on that later).  So, I’ve been filling the gaps with exercise.  Usually yoga but I’ve also begun incorporating strength training and martial arts into my daily training regimen.  Walking has also reclaim a large chunk of my life as well since the truck broke down.  This extra exercise helps to burn up any excess energy I would normally have at the end of the day which means less time waiting for sleep to come.

Have a regular bedtime routine.

A nightly wind-down routine is not only relaxing after a long day, but it with consistency, it will train your body to know when it’s time to settle down and prepare for rest.  This isn’t easy to accomplish if you don’t have a regular schedule (see? told you. haha).  I myself haven’t gotten mine down pat yet but I know that I’ll get it in time.

I found that these tips and more have been extremely helpful and even with only half-successful application, they make a significant improvement.  So, I encourage you to keep trying even if you don’t see the same drastic results at first.  Some people only have trouble staying asleep or resting peacefully and wouldn’t notice a a slight difference at first.  Others (like myself) could be suffering from insomnia for years and see any kind of improvement as great. So, the leads to my last tip:

Be patient with yourself.

Let’s say you’ve found a tip or technique that you feel has been helping and you forget to do it one night before lying down.  Don’t get upset with yourself.  If you’re head has already gotten very friendly with the pillow and you feel like you could fall asleep any minute, then do it.  Chances are you’ve had such an extra draining day, that you just don’t have anything left to give and your mind and body concur.  Then so be it.  The whole point to the technique is to help you sleep in the first place, right?  Give the middle man the night off.

This sleep challenge has inspired a whole slew of ideas for more posts to share with you guys and I’m really excited to share them with you.  I encourage you to keep an eye out for them because I’m going to be sharing advice, tips and techniques to help you bring more fabulosity to your life from the inside out.