I was thinking about cleanliness and money and what other ways we can keep the highest standards of one while saving the other.  I know this might be a bit of a TMI subject but my reasoning is, you can’t talk about cleanliness without addressing this issue.  Especially for us women. As women, we need to wipe every time we use the bathroom unlike men who only need to wipe when… well, you know.  Which makes this household product a vastly essential staple.  So, I’m going to give you some great tips on how to use it more efficiently.

I know, I know it does not sound like a sexy or beautiful topic but with these tips, the results will make you feel much sexier and beautiful by keeping your most precious treasure very happy.  So, please bear with me.  And the money you’ll save can go to the other things we love that makes us feel beautiful (like manicures, pedicures and things of that nature).

My first piece of advice is that when shopping on a budget, go ahead and buy the more expensive brand.  The reasons are simple; cheaper usually means thinner and thinner means you need more per wipe, thus defeating the purpose of trying to save money. Another reason is hygiene.  Thinner paper usually means it’s weaker and can leave pieces behind.  This can lead to serious discomfort and sometimes infection.  This is absolutely no good for the saving money aspect because then we end up buying creams and treatments we didn’t otherwise need.

This next piece of advice is to use it efficiently; For example: if you feel the job requires 8 sheets (why 8? I don’t know. just a number I pulled out of my head), then you should use 4 sheets twice.  And folding is always more efficient than balling it up.  When you ball it up, most of the surface of the material isn’t being used.  But on average, 4 folded sheets is usually enough to do the job without  messing our hands (of course that’s no reason not to wash our hands!).  Using small amounts at a time will not only save you money on trips to the store, but it will also ensure you get more thorough results because you can only use what you grab one time.

That’s where my last piece of advice comes in:  keep a pack of baby wipes specifically for the bathroom.
This is great for those days when you feel the job is going to require at least half the roll.  Those days when our cycle comes are when the need to feel clean is the most prominent.  So, keeping baby wipes for these days (or any other situation that requires extra care) will save you even more.  Using wipes before toilet paper reduces the number of sheets needed.
Also, remember not to flush the wipes.

And that’s it!  And if you’re wondering if these guidelines will actually work, let me tell you; I live with one other woman and a super clean man and until I implemented these guidelines to our household, we were going through toilet paper like it was going out of style.  Now, a 20-pack of Cottonelle has miraculously lasted us a good 2 1/2 months while one pack of bathroom-use-only baby wipes lasted about a week longer than that.  And we actually feel much cleaner for it (mostly due to the wonder that is the baby wipe).

And that conclude this lovely segment on bathroom cleanliness.  I hope you found this helpful.