I am so glad I came across this wonderful blog. I actually just went through a horrible depression trying my hardest to put meat on my “bones” because I was feeling inadequate as a woman. I have small breasts too, so that adds to my insecurities immensely. Despite the doctors constantly telling me that I’m at least 20lbs over weight, I’m still always being called skinny and that I have “no butt” or “there’s nothing to me”
It hurts badly, especially coming from other women.
And it’s not my fault that my bones are so big that the meat I have isn’t enough to keep them from showing. Each time during the summer that I was seen wearing a bathing suit and I stretched, I felt immediately apologetic to anyone who saw my ribs stick out. I tried putting on weight by stuffing my face but I couldn’t put it on. And instead of the insults decreasing, they increased because they would hate on me for being able to “eat like that and still be skinny”
*take a deep breath* Sorry, it’s been pretty rough and honestly, the insults aren’t a recent thing. It’s been a constant my whole life. So when I read this, it brought back all those emotions and hurt feelings to the surface. I thought I had gotten rid of them but they were simply buried. And with these beautiful words from “the enemy” (that’s not saying BBw are the enemy I mean to go off of her words. the way the media has been used to pit women against each other. completely figurative in nature). I immediately felt like I have an ally.
Thanks so much for posting this and standing up for us “skinny” women.

Fuller Figure Fuller Bust

There seems to be some sort of unwritten rule on social media sites that in order to accept yourself as a larger woman you have to put smaller women down.

“Real women have curves.”

“Only a dog likes bones.”

“I want to look like a WOMAN, not a BOY.”

I see this all too often. Slim women pitted against larger women in images. Smaller women modelling items and being accused of not meeting the demands of those who want to wear them. Petite women being labelled as ‘curvy’ and being met with torrents of abuse from larger women – “If SHE’S curvy then I’m a sphere! She looks like she’ll break!”

I am so sick of those comments.

I have seen some women insinuate that slimmer women deserve the hate they often have poured upon them. One lady told me that she had had enough of being attacked by the…

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