Tomorrow is going to be Day 1 of my 7 Day Sleep Challenge: Presented by Tara Stiles on YouTube. Click here to check her out and to find out more about this challenge.

I stumbled upon this in my search for yoga videos on YouTube.  If you’ve been following my Facebook, you’ll know that I’ve been a little yoga enthused the last few days.  If not, you can check it out here or you can follow the link on the sidebar (let’s hope it’s finally working).
You may have guessed by now, that this blog was originally supposed to be a fashion/beauty blog and you’re probably  wondering what’s wrong with my sense of direction due to all the extra posts that have little to nothing to do with fashion or beauty… Or do they?

I’ve always been one to delve deeper into things to seek better understanding or appreciation for the beauty in and around me.  Sure, I could just mindlessly post whatever I find in the latest fashion shows, magazines, celebrity red carpet looks and go on and on and on about them while encouraging you to run out and buy them but you could turn on your TV or open a magazine for that.  Not that I’m knocking magazines or fashion/beauty commercials/bloggers or anything like that.  I personally absolutely love Vogue Magazine and would love to grace its glossy pages some day.
I simply want to share my approach to all things beautiful with the world.  I want to help those with low self-esteem or confidence issues understand that it’s not because of their clothes, makeup or what car they do or don’t have that would effect their self-esteem, it’s much deeper.  And that once they find the source of their discontent, all they have to do is grab it by its roots and yank that sucker out.
After that’s done, then look at yourself.  See how much different everything looks in your eyes.  Mountains crumble down to mole hills.  Oceans that you once felt like you were drowning in evaporate  into inconvenient puddles.  And the blinding bright light at the end of the tunnel you thought was an oncoming train is really the sunshine of a brand new day with new opportunities.

…………. I fear I may have lost some of you.  But trust me, you’ll see exactly what I mean, as you read on in this journey of fabulosity personified.

Now back to my original point:
The 7-Day Sleep Challenge is very simple.  You just record your sleep habits for seven days.  Easy right?
By doing this, we are going to make ourselves more aware of which habits are working and which are working against us.

Now, I know this video is old but self-awareness and being healthy never go out of season.  I for one have had sleep problems my entire life and would really like to put an end to them once and for all.  So each night, I’ll try a few tips on how to sleep better.  And each day, I’ll share the results.  This should prove interesting.  Won’t you join me for this exciting challenge on the road to a healthier, more beautiful lifestyle?