I know we’re into the 36nd weeks in Share Your World but I hate starting at the end or middle of something and I don’t have the time to do every single week in one post.  Don’t think of it as fallen behind.  Think of it more like… retro.

Share Your World was created by a wonderful and inspiring blogger (I call her Sunny Cee to my friends).  You can find the more info on Share Your World at her blog.

Okay so… I guess I can get to this week’s questions, huh?

Question 1:  What is your favorite color?
It’s a tie really.  Between every shade of blue except for navy blue.  Most shades of green.  And Purple.

Question 2: Music or silence while working?
That depends on how I’m feeling.  There are some days when I’m just so hyper I couldn’t possibly concentrate if I didn’t have some background music drowning out all outside distractions.  Other days, the music IS the distraction.  I’m a pretty random person, what can I say?

Question 3: Do you prefer shopping or going to the park?
Now, that is an unfair question!  I LOVE shopping.  Oh shopping, how do I love thee?  The nyparrot said it best.  But oh.  Oh how I love the outdoors.  Playing frisbee and blowing bubbles.  Picnics and barbecues.  Reading and drawing under the shade of a tree.  Building a lopsided snowman for the locals to laugh at.
*sigh*  I can’t choose.  They both have so much good they do for my heart.

Question 4: Your favorite place within 2 hours from your home?
Now, seeing as I’m new to Tulsa, I still can’t answer this one definitely.  So far, it’s the drive-in theatre.  I haven’t been yet, but I LOVE drive-ins.  There’s just something about drive-ins that make me feel like a kid again.  Like, small.  With that ginormous screen looming infront of you, who wouldn’t feel small?