why things look better within the pages of a magazineI’ve recently come across this photo on the Unbelievable Facts Facebook page that got me thinking.

A lot of us look through magazines, watch movies, and television shows and find ourselves pining over how the women look.  We start comparing ourselves to them until we feel inadequate.  Then we scramble to the stores to buy the products, clothes and accessories that are promised to make us look like the golden idols in the media.  Even those who can’t afford these shiny new things or keep up with the latest trends on a seasonal basis end up feeling even worse for not being able to.  Advertising itself is geared to play on this very insecurity because the majority of the population is like this.
On the flip side of this same coin, there are those who idolize different things.  From the plain old different to the completely obscure.  From the players of Dungeons and Dragons and other such games and dress like their character every day to the man who has gone so far as to have multiple surgeries to become a tiger or as close to one as possible.  We call people like him crazy but all he did was see something in the world that he loves and tried to become it.

Isn’t that what we’re doing when we get poisonous lipstick just to plump our lips?  Or get breast implants or sex changes?  Or how about just wearing padded bras?  What about botox, weave, nose jobs, colored contacts, padded jeans, hair relaxers, etc.  So, why then should we outcast, sneer, laugh, turn away from, or ignore these people and call them crazy just because their ideas of beauty and their self image is different from the norm?  Isn’t that hypocritical?  I think so.

In fact, I think those of us who aim to achieve the conventional idea of beauty that we find in magazines are MUCH crazier than those people who dress like fictional characters and roleplay and that guy who wants to be a tiger and others like him.  Why?  Because those people who dress like fictional characters and live their lives in their fantasy world at least know that their world is not reality (or at least they start off that way).  But most of us have these magazines and tv shows from the time we’re little girls and watch dreamy-eyed at these beautiful girls and women and with a heavy sigh of longing say, “I wish I could look like that.”
Hell, the guy who wants to look like a tiger could be considered the most sane.  Why?  Because what he wants to become already exists.  It’s real.  It’s tangible.  Unconventional, yes, but it’s still REAL.

So in light of all this, I say we all embrace our crazy.  And I don’t mean embrace it and then dive headlong over the deep end.  No, I mean, just accept who we are and realize that we’re all different and NO ONE has any right to tell anyone else what they should consider to be beautiful and realize that everyone is inspired by different things.