I know, you’re all tired of hearing me ramble on about cleanliness, but come on, you know you feel the absolute best when you’ve just stepped out of a luxurious shower.  So bear with me.

I’m all for having a nice clean face and clear skin.  But what I’m against, is tight, dry skin, or oily slippery skin (except in the bedroom of course. tee-hee!), or even skin that isn’t quite dry but it still feels like…. I dunno… not like skin at all.  You know the feeling right?  Not smooth but not dry either.  Just, yuck.

So, here are a few tips from my experience of having very finicky skin, on how to have clean, beautiful, great feeling skin.

  1. Find the right products that work for you.
    I have NEVER found a single product that was the go to for cleansing.  It has always been a battle.  They always either leave my skin dry, flaky, peeling, oily, scaly, or otherwise.  So, I started doubling up everything.
    For my face, I use four different facial cleansers (no not all at once).  I use an acne fighting exfoliator, an anti-aging cream cleanser, a normal acne fighting cream cleanser, and an exfoliating anti-aging cleanser.  I usually stick to Noxema, Neutragena, Olay, and Aveeno.  Every morning and evening shower, I decide based on how my face is feeling which products I’m going to use.  If it feels a bit rough but oily, that means there’s an unflattering layer of dead skin that need to be sloughed off and a threat of breakouts pending, so I reach for my acne fighting exfoliator and follow that up with my anti-agin cream cleanser (the acne fighting always over dries my skin so the replenishing cream cleanser is a must because with all the dead skin and gunk out of the way, the anti-aging ingredients can work a lot better).  If my skin is feeling smooth but grimy, I use either one of both of my cream cleansers depending on just how grimy it feels.  Now, if my skin is feeling as smooth as a baby’s freshly changed behind, then I either use my anti-aging cream cleanser by itself or just rinse my face and only use an alcohol-free astringent.
    For my body, I’m always going back and forth between  different body washes.  I always keep at least four of those as well; two body washes and two bars.  since I get so dirty throughout the day, I usually use the bar soap with my exfoliating gloves and follow that up with the body wash on a body puff.
  2. Do the towel test
    When you get out of the shower, add a little more pressure than usual while you dry off.  If you see what looks like dirt roll up on your skin, that’s dead skin cells that didn’t scrub off.  If not, then you’re clean as a whistle.  A trick to passing it without really passing it?  Baby oil.  Or any kind of oil you prefer really.  Just slather a few drops of that all over before drying off and you’re good to go.
  3. Touch yourself
    And once you’ve finished doing that, check your skin.  hahaha
    But seriously, your skin is just the same as any other part of your body.  It changes day by day.  Your skin’s overall health is determined by what you eat and let’s face it, even the most go-hard health nut gets the same ideal amount of nutrients in their diet every single day of the year.  And our skin reflects that.  You wouldn’t use oil absorbing acne products on a day when your skin is dry and flaky same as you wouldn’t use anything ultra heavy and rich when your skin feels extra oily.  So make sure before you start your daily skin regimen, to feel your skin and adjust your regimen according to what it’s feeling like.