We’re born in our skin.  We die in our skin.  We live our entire lives in our skin.  It’s the one outfit we have that fits us and never goes out of style.

So, why do so many of us neglect such a loyal companion?  We all know what harms and ages our skin: pollution, dehydration, poor diet, smoking.  And yet, so many of us find ourselves unmotivated to take extra care to combat or avoid these things.
For me, like so many others, it’s because I don’t have skin that looks completely flawless like they show us in make-up and beauty ads.  I think, “Why bother?  I have too many scars/stretch marks/acne marks/uneven skin/cellulite.  Those products couldn’t possibly make me look like that.” No make-up

And a lot of us are absolutely right about that. Unless, we completely avoid things like growing, having children, getting cut, burned or scraped, and had an upbringing that didn’t include playgrounds, bikes, roller skates and surrounded us in a big plastic bubble, there’s no way our skin can be 100% flawless.
I for one am riddled with flaws: cat scratches, keloids, burns, chicken pox scars, scrapes, and acne marks out the yin-yang.  I have dark circles and always have since childhood.  And even at my age, I have a few fine lines around my eyes from squinting so much from poor vision.  I have worked hard my whole life.  As hard as any man can.  I could be described as the girliest tomboy ever growing up and that hasn’t changed a bit.  Despite loving a good manicure as much as the next, if I had to mow my lawn, cut

Still beautiful

down a tree or change a tire, the last thing on my mind is chipping a nail. I hate wearing shoes too so the same goes for my pedicures.  And it’s hard to admit, but I’m also a cigarette smoker of the last 10 years.  I quit once for about a year and am very close to doing so again VERY soon (More on that later).  So, I know that my skin isn’t anywhere near as good as it could be just because of that alone.  But, none of this stops me from being happy with it (or showing it off in the summer).  I’m not saying this came naturally.  To be honest, I didn’t gain this confidence but through maturing, growing and seeing first hand that the only way anyone can truly be considered ugly, is if that ugliness comes from the inside.

But don’t be discouraged, a lot of these things can be diminished or even faded to nothing.  Besides the good work of Father Time there are lots of products out there made for reversing signs of aging, fading away scars, and stretch marks and a barrage of different damages done to our skin. But even with all these wonderful miracle products, we can’t be truly comfortable in our skin unless we learn to love and accept it the way it is.

And that’s what this series is about.  Over the next few weeks, I’m going to explore all things skin care; the myths the legends, the facts.  This is going to be a fun journey.  Won’t you join me?