It just occurred to me that some of you might be wondering why I’m starting off my blog with a series on cleanliness.  The reason for that is simple; what good are makeup, fashion and relationship tips if we don’t have a clean pallet?  Or how can I cheer up your day with any of my randomness if you’re wallowing in a cloud of your own depression while covered in a layer of misery?  What good is wearing lotions and perfumes if we neglect the basic necessity of bathing?  It makes no sense to wear the latest trends if we fail to launder them properly.  The greatest hair style still looks third rate on a dirty head of hair.  And ultimately, if we ourselves look good, how can we truly feel good about it if our homes and bodies are surrounded by the filth that accumulates with everyday living?

Which brings me to my point; if we don’t feel good, all the make-up in the world can’t make us as beautiful as we really are.

If you doubt me, just watch an episode of MTV Cribs or any one show on HGTV about interior design.  The awe and longing, seeing those beautiful homes wouldn’t be as strong if they weren’t so clean.  The photos seen in Better Homes and Gardens wouldn’t draw buyers if their model rooms were in chaos.  Most people wouldn’t believe that a person is healthy if their teeth were yellowed or decaying and their bodies were unwashed and pungent.

The reason why ads for cleaning products like Febreeze and Gain and other popular brands, are so effective is because being clean is not only good for our physical health, but also for our emotional and spiritual health as well.  That’s also the reason any time you see a photo of Shaolin monks in their temple meditating, everything around them is so clean, it almost looks staged.  But it’s not.  They simply already know that if they’re surrounded by chaos and filth on the outside, then it will fill them with chaos and filth on the inside thus, defeating the purpose of all their training and meditating.  Same with any Yoga class or video you can imagine.  The entire room is not only bare but clean.

I can’t count the number of women I thought were so fabulous based solely on their make-up and clothes only to find that their home was in shambles and their personal hygiene was sorely lacking.  Then I find that rest of their lives were anything but glamorous, let alone peaceful.  Needless to say, upon this discovery, my first impression of fabulosity vanished.

I find it interesting how we as humans, start our lives instinctually understanding the importance of being clean.  We cry when we’re wet or soiled and don’t stop until we’re cleaned.  A bath and a fully belly assures us a peaceful sleep at night.  But then as we get older, we forget how much peace it once brought us.  We start opposing the mere mention of a bath or brushing our teeth.  We refuse to pick up our toys or hang up our clothes.  And some of this might be due to the fact, we became accustomed to our parents doing everything for us but the rest is just to test our boundaries and establish a sense of independence and individuality.  The problem that happens for some, is we later forget our original purpose and these small tests of will become ingrained habits in our behavior.  We grow up, leave the nest and say to ourselves, “I don’t have anyone telling me how to live anymore.  I can clean if and when I want to.  And that means NEVER!”
Now, as I’ve explained in an earlier article, this isn’t always the case.  Depression, homelessness and financial struggle may keep some people from not only achieving a clean and peaceful dwelling, but also from maintaining it.

And that’s what I’m here for, to help those that find themselves faced with these barriers.  I’m writing this series in hopes that if someone finds themselves depressed and searching online for beauty tips that would make them feel better (I know I have on many occassions) would come across this blog and be reminded of the basics.  That all they would have to do is bring peace and order to their world on the outside that it may seep in to the inside and change their perspective.

I hope you find this series very helpful!