[I remember this. Man, I was trying soooo hard to be positive in such a dark time in my life. I’m embarrassed to even read it cuz it all sounds so fake to me. But I also hear the deep pain I was in that I was trying to run from back then. I want to delete the whole post but instead I’ll keep it. Keeping it 100 means standing by the past you even if it’s not who you are in the present. Because without that person, where would you be now?]

Hello!  I’m Harley Quinn (but you can just call me Harley) and welcome to my blog!

I created this blog to share my secrets of fabulosity with the world.  Hahaha, I know how that sounds but please don’t confuse my confidence with arrogance.  I simply love my life and get asked every single day what my “secret” is.  The truth is, I don’t have just one, and they aren’t really secrets.  I find ideas either in my own head, magazines, websites, movies, other random people, anywhere.  Things that bring beauty, peace and tranquility into my life.  Things that bring energy, fun and vibrancy.  Basically anything that furthers strength, peace, joy and all that jazz.  Even though I don’t have a lot and I don’t have many nice things, it still didn’t stop people from asking me where I got my top from or what my makeup secrets are or what my skincare regimen is etc.
To be honest, I used to HATE this kind of attention as a child.  It started with first grade when my made up words became the class catchphrase for the week.  And little girls repeating things they overheard me saying to myself as if they came up with it themselves.  Fast forward to middle school and the return of flare jeans.
I had visited my father during the summer and as per tradition, went back to school shopping before returning home to the small town in Pennsylvania.  On the first day of school, I wore my brand new bell bottom jeans to school and was pleased as all get out that I was the only one wearing them.  I thought, “Finally!  I’m an individual!  Finally I’ve got something nobody’s copying!”
Not two weeks later, to my dismay, I came to school to find every other girl wearing flared jeans.  I was crushed.  And I never wore my flared jeans again. To clarify, I’d like it to be known that I was anything but popular.  In fact, everything the “cool kids” copied off me was usually hated on severely before they decided to copy me.  And it only got worse in my teen years.  It spread from the simple and aesthetic to the deep and spiritual.  People would come to me for advice on almost every aspect of their lives.  I always wondered why but my advice and personal experiences seemed to help a lot of people if their reviews were any indication.  I mean, they could have been lying to me, but then again, why would they ask for more advice if I gave bad advice?  Hmmm….
Anyway, since then, I have left the small town life and grown and matured.  I now embrace and welcome the curiosity and admiration of the people around me.  It makes me proud each time someone asks me where I got my outfit when really it’s a Wally World special disguised by my personal touch.  I use my personal life experiences when someone asks me for advice and consult others wiser than me if I’m met with something I haven’t experienced or know much about.

And that’s the purpose of this blog.  To volunteer my fabulous tips, secrets and other random advice, opinions and musings.  This is Life According to Harley and  I hope you enjoy!