[3/10/2017: why was this dated for the year 1920? lol]

[written sometime in April]

I just watched the news and saw that a kid in middle school was punched in the stomach and the face by the principal of the school.  They say that the kid was lying simply because the surveillance videos showed that he wasn’t hunched over in pain from the blows when he left the office.

That’s the most infuriating load of crap I’ve ever seen happen outside of my own life.  This is why I was always called a liar and accused of faking my illnesses as a child all because I did my best to tough it out.  All because I was capable of holding onto my pride and not letting the pain or discomfort make me walk with anything less than pride and dignity. (until the dizziness overcame me and I passed out. which happened a lot)

It’s so much bullshit.  Really.  The human body is stronger than people give it credit for.  We’re the reason we’re so weak.  Because we just assume that everyone is fragile and pathetic and that there’s no way that if something was wrong with someone, that they could possibly tough it out and just put on the brave face and not let everyone see their pain.

There are people I see every single day that are in severe pain from chronic illnesses that still manage to smile and laugh and live out their lives like normal people in spite of the pain they’re in.

Who the hell says a child can’t?  There are plenty of children out there who have painful illnesses that you’d never know how bad their bodies feel because they refuse to let it steal their joy.
That boy who was hit by that grown ass man most likely refused to let that sorry excuse for a man indignify him any further by letting him see how bad he hurt him.  They saw the black eye.  They saw the bruises.  But that wasn’t enough to believe the kid’s story.  All because he took it like a man.

Again, my point is people are a lot stronger and more resilient than they give themselves credit for.  It’s time we stop holding ourselves back with all this weak bullshit.  We didn’t used to do this to ourselves.  Why now?  We’ve come so far already, why start regressing?  Why hold ourselves back?  Think about it.